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Fenixx SiMone




I am Fenixx SiMone, a veteran with a background in Information Technology. After a back injury that held me back physically and several deployments making things tough mentally, I became desperate to find relief. I re-introduced myself to yoga, tantra, herbalism, ayurveda, and other healing practices. That completely changed the trajectory of my life. I built my life, my business, and my lifestyle from my desire to live better while helping others do the same.


As the saying goes, "Yoga chose me!" I fell completely in love with studying the mind and body and how capable of self-healing it is. I became a yoga teacher to share the benefits of practice with as many people as I can reach. While teaching yoga, I came across a lot of clients that needed the same mind, body, and spiritual benefits that yoga offered, but they did not feel physically or mentally capable of doing a comfortable yoga practice. Dedicated to bringing those people closer, I became a Licensed Massage Therapist. (A pretty talented one at that! 🙌🏾)


As a Yoga, Massage & Ayurveda practitioner, my mission is to help clients create a  Holistic Wellness lifestyle.

My unique bodywork approach involves Relief, Recovery, and Maintenance. I offer these healing modalities to help maintain a healthier mind, body, and spirit by eliminating stress, tension, and pain. The work that I do focuses heavily on decreasing pain and increasing mobility. I am dedicated to the well-being of each of my clients. I want clients to understand that the state of their lives depends on their Holistic Health.


BE WELL - inside and out. ✨

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